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Welcome to the Doitsuism Wiki!

It's Doitsu! It's all about Doitsu! Potatoes, beer, wurst, sparkle parties, and everything else that is Doitsu, which is everything.

Important Note:

This wiki is here for the sake of preserving an old extinct meme from 2013. (I still can't believe people even visit this place after all of this time.) Please do not take anything on this wiki seriously. Thank you!

Messages from the Admin

Admin remembered that this wiki existed [7/24/18]

I'm going to turn page editing/adding off for the sake of preserving everything on here, since it looks like people have been coming here and either completely modifying pages almost entirely or straight up adding spam to the wiki.

Also, please read the bolded message above. Especially if you are young and impressionable please do not take this wiki seriously, it is simply the preservation of an old meme. Thank you.


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Doitsuism is a religion based off the Hetalia character Germany, or "Lord Doitsu." The followers of this religion call themselves "Doitsuists" and their main belief is that they should all "shine bright like a Doitsu". Doitsuism is the religion of the world. We give praise to our Lord Doitsu whenever we need him, which is always. Accept Lord Doitsu into your heart. There is a promise of a glorious potato Heaven, where we enjoy beer, potatoes, wurst, and no annoying countries. We get to relax in potato heaven. Legend tells that if you come to the sacred land pure, and with a wonderful love of potato, you shall meet Lord Doitsu himself.   That is all, please, shine bright like a Doitsu.

Questions about the wiki?

Ask admin here or here (a lot less likely to respond at the second link)


Please do not put headcanons or Hetalia OCs on this blog, such as "The Holy Virgin Mother Vatican City" or "Saint Fiji" and things of that sort. Putting information about Hetalia's actual old man Vatican City is okay.

Please do not claim that certain ships are canon unless they actually are canon in the beloved original show. For example, please do not write that Doitsu is currently dating Italy on Doitsu's wiki page. I do not want any crazy shipping wars to start on the wiki.

As long as it's not inappropriate and pertains to Doitsu and Doitsuism, it's allowed! (This means no different religions either)

No hate please! Only love, potatoes, beer, and wursts. The Doitsuists are... very... hungry people. :)

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